About the Hornell Community Art Center

The Hornell Community Arts Center (HCAC) is a fledgling organization, housed in the site of an old Ponderosa Steak House, the building was acquired by the city and in 2012 it was renovated and opened as a community resource and mixed used space. Over the several years the HCAC has been the host for a variety of activities, and starting in 2015 we are focusing the space/organization on creating access to the arts through free public access programing with a participatory, educational  mission. We are dedicated to investing in the capacity of the local community of artists to be educators and strengthening the discourse and connections within the local community. The pedagogical vision for the Hornell Community Art Center is centered on valuing personal experiences & local knowledge, with an emphasis on personal narrative as a starting point for connection and project inspiration.

July 29, 2014

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